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SSIS Web Service Task

The Web Service task in SSIS can be used to call a web service command to perform a needed operation in your package. The results of most web services will be in XML Format. You can save these results into … Continue reading

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Using Variables and Parameters SSIS

When creating an SSIS package it is always a best practice to use variables, and parameters in 2012,  to avoid hard coding values into any part of your package. But there are some best practices involved with creating those variables/parameters … Continue reading

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Using Configuration Files in SSIS

Now in SQL 2012 we have parameters that make it easy, but configuration files are still an option and I still see a lot of my clients using them even on 2012 due to several reasons, but mostly because of … Continue reading

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Two Digit Dates in SQL – MM/DD/YYYY

When creating dates or numbers as strings it is sometimes required to have two digit numbers. For example, instead of this: 3/1/2011 You want to see this: 03/01/2011 There is an easy way to do this using the Right() function … Continue reading

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SSRS Top N and Bottom N reporting with Duplicates

Previously I wrote a blog on Top N and Bottom N reporting. There were a couple of gotcha I did not cover in that blog so I thought I would cover those here to answer some of the questions I … Continue reading

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