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Pivoting weird data in SSIS – Sort of…

Sometimes we get data in some bad forms. For example look at the below table: The names and the amounts are comma separated in two different columns. Let’s imagine we need to get this data into a table like the … Continue reading

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AS400 Program from SSIS

If you need to call an AS 400 program from an SSIS package this can easily be accomplished with an Execute SQL Task. This can be made even easier with two variables and an expression too. The AS400 program QCMDEXC … Continue reading

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Bulk Insert Task SSIS – Path Specified Cannot be Found or File Does Not Exist

When using the Bulk insert task in SSIS, you might encounter an error stating that The File Does Not Exist or The Path Specified Cannot be Found. This is usually due to the fact that the file must be on … Continue reading

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Studying and Learning Business Intelligence

I have been doing interviews for Pragmatic works for the past few years and I have come across quite a few people who wanted to be hired as a senior BI consultant and their skills were just not up to … Continue reading

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IT Pro Camp Jacksonville 2012

I spoke last weekend (6/16/2012) at the first ever IT Pro Camp in Jacksonville Florida. It was a great event with over 100 people attending. Breakfast and Lunch was provided with a great after event at Tilted Kilt. One of … Continue reading

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SSIS 2012 Copy or Duplicate Environments

In SSIS 2012 there is a great new feature called environments. They can be thought of as a collection of parameters or variables. One of the questions I get asked when teaching SSIS 2012 is “Can I duplicate an environment?”. There … Continue reading

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Execute Multiple 2008/2005 SSIS Packages with a T-SQL

If you want to execute a set of SSIS packages in SQL Server 2008 or 2005, you can do this using T-SQL. First you will  need a table with all of your package names on it. Then a While loop … Continue reading

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