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Creating your first Data Mining Structure and Model

Data mining is a great way to help your company make decisions and predict future values. The Data Mining Algorithms built into SQL Server Analysis Services gives you this power. The Adventure works data base comes with views that are … Continue reading

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SSIS For Each Column in a Data flow

Previously I wrote a blog on how to do a for each loop to look through each col in an SSIS data flow here. Well things have changed since I wrote that blog, in fact I believe that old  code … Continue reading

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Getting Previous Row in SSIS Data Flow

There is no native function built in to SSIS to get the previous row in the data flow. But with a little work you can do this and make it perform much better than a SQL cursor and you don’t … Continue reading

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SSIS Merge with Duplicate Rows

The Merge component in SSIS will take two sorted sources and union them while maintaining the original sort order. The question arises, what about duplicate records. These duplicates do not get eliminated. Here are two tables with the ID 5 … Continue reading

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SSIS Child Errors in Parent Package

If you have a parent package that is looping through a set of files and calling child packages and want the parent package to continue even if the child package fails, there is a little work involved in making this … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday 85 Orlando 2011 Aftermath

SQL Saturday 85 in Orlando , FL on September 24, 2011 was a great event. The people putting it together did a great job of putting on the event. The logistics on these events  must be a daunting tasks and … Continue reading

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SSIS Lookup Cache Connection Manager with Excel

The lookup transform in SSIS 2008 gives you the ability to join data and eliminate non matching rows. One of the limitations of the lookup is the fact it requires an OLEDB connection. However, with the cache connection manager you … Continue reading

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