SQL Saturday 85 Orlando 2011 Aftermath

SQL Saturday 85 in Orlando , FL on September 24, 2011 was a great event. The people putting it together did a great job of putting on the event. The logistics on these events  must be a daunting tasks and they handled it perfectly.

I would like to personally thank Bradley Ball (Blog|Twitter), Karla Landrum(Blog|Twitter), and Shawn McGehee(Blog|Twitter) for the work they did to put this SQL Saturday. I apologize to anyone I left out.

In my first session I covered SSIS Script tasks. You can download the slides and the code here.

In the last session of the day I put on the SQLSmackdown with Adam Jorgensen(blog|Twitter). You can download the slides and code here. This session was packed out and was a lot of fun and educational. Adam was judged the winner. I know the referee Bradley Ball had to be paid off so I gave him a SQLSmackDown. After slamming the ref against the wall I stormed off.

Then I realized I had left my laptop. and had to go back in the room, awkward!

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1 Response to SQL Saturday 85 Orlando 2011 Aftermath

  1. You did leave quite an impression on me, and the wipe board….. and the floor…. but all in all it was a great Session!

    See you in Tampa…..I wonder if they have steel chairs there?

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