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Bulk Insert Task SSIS – Path Specified Cannot be Found or File Does Not Exist

When using the Bulk insert task in SSIS, you might encounter an error stating that The File Does Not Exist or The Path Specified Cannot be Found. This is usually due to the fact that the file must be on … Continue reading

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Contract vs Permanent Employment

There is a lot of discussion online about the debate of what is better, being an independent contractor or a permanent employee. I have run into this myself. I am a permanent employee for Pragmatic Works, and I know the … Continue reading

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Per Member Per Month Per 1000 Calculations in MDX

In a lot of industries there is a popular calculation called “Per Member Per Month Per 1000” calculation or the “Per Customer Per Month Per 1000” calculation. This is used to determine the level at which the company is rendering … Continue reading

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