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MDX YTD Calculation Issus

If you are using the templates for MDX calculation built into SSAS 2008 you might run into some strange issues. In the image below you can see the calculation is working for all years except for 2008. My first thought … Continue reading

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MDX Scope with an If Then statement

The scope statement in MDX is great for applying calculations to a certain area of a cube, also called a subcube. Dustin Ryan wrote a great article on the scope statement here. The issue I am going to cover will … Continue reading

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Loop Through Excel Files in SSIS

You can loop through excel files using SSIS. This will use the For Each Loop container and a data flow task. First Create a variable named strExcelfile as a string variable; you can leave the value blank. Next, drag in … Continue reading

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Junk Dimensions with no Loading Needed

When you are working with dimensional modeling there are some situations where several dimensional attributes don’t make since to be in any other dimension. When this occurs you can combine them into one dimension call a Junk Dimension. In this … Continue reading

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Handling Large Many to Many bridge tables

In some scenarios you will need to create a many to many relationship in your cube in SSAS. One of the problems that arise from many to many bridge tables are the size of these tables. In this example we … Continue reading

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