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SSIS Pivot on bad data

The pivot transform in SSIS is already a pain to use. When you have bad data it makes it even worse. In this blog I am going to show how to handle bad data when using the pivot transform. You … Continue reading

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SSRS Nulls in a matrix

In a recent SSIS class one my students ask me, if you are reporting off a table and using it in a matrix, does the matrix show null rows. The answer is yes. Here is an example table and the … Continue reading

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Missing Foreign Keys in SSAS DSV

When creating report models you might run into bad database designs where the tables have no foreign keys and/or no primary keys. This can be resolved in the report model DSV. I have created two tables, one with first names, … Continue reading

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SSIS Records on the Same Row – kind of like pivot

If you have two or more records on the same row, and need to write each record on its own row in a destination, you have two choices. You can do this in series or parallel in a single data … Continue reading

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