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Handling Large Many to Many bridge tables

In some scenarios you will need to create a many to many relationship in your cube in SSAS. One of the problems that arise from many to many bridge tables are the size of these tables. In this example we … Continue reading

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Creating a Rolling Date Range Named set in MDX

One Client I was working with wanted a named set that would give them the last 5 years. Of course this needed to be a rolling 5 years so it automatically moved the years up every January. To create this … Continue reading

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SSAS Joining Facts at Different Granularities

In an SSAS cube you sometimes need to connect a dimension at a different granularity than other dimensions. For example, if you have budget measures and actual numbers. If you are trying to budget your expenses you budget at a … Continue reading

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Report from a Cube in Reporting Services

Data warehousing has become a staple of businesses to help make business decisions. From these data warehouses you can develop an Analysis Services cube which allows for fast reporting. Creating reports in Reporting Services 2008 from a cube is very … Continue reading

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Create a Named Set with all but one Member in MDX – SSAS

I was trying to create a Named set in SSAS 2008 using the MDX calculations. I wanted to include all of the members of a hierarchy except one of them. I started with trying to use the filter expression and … Continue reading

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Per Member Per Month Per 1000 Calculations in MDX

In a lot of industries there is a popular calculation called “Per Member Per Month Per 1000” calculation or the “Per Customer Per Month Per 1000” calculation. This is used to determine the level at which the company is rendering … Continue reading

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Studying and Learning Business Intelligence

I have been doing interviews for Pragmatic works for the past few years and I have come across quite a few people who wanted to be hired as a senior BI consultant and their skills were just not up to … Continue reading

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How to hide Calculated Members in MDX SSAS

With some calculated members in MDX it only makes sense to see the calculation if a certain Hierarchy is used. For example: Aggregate(YTD([Date].[Calendar].CurrentMember),[Internet Sales Amount]) This calculation only works in the Date.Calendar Hierarchy. I wanted to show the end users … Continue reading

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Creating your first Data Mining Structure and Model

Data mining is a great way to help your company make decisions and predict future values. The Data Mining Algorithms built into SQL Server Analysis Services gives you this power. The Adventure works data base comes with views that are … Continue reading

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SQL Saturday Orlando – Pre Con

I’m very proud to announce that Pragmatic Works will be presenting a Business Intelligence Workshop pre-con for SQLSaturday #85 in Orlando on Friday September 23rd! In this session you’ll have not one, not two, not three but FOUR Pragmatic Works … Continue reading

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