Studying and Learning Business Intelligence

I have been doing interviews for Pragmatic works for the past few years and I have come across quite a few people who wanted to be hired as a senior BI consultant and their skills were just not up to the level of a senior consultant. It seems they work in an environment that corners them into doing things a certain way and not giving the opportunity to grow pass their defined role. So I put together a list of study items to help people ramp up in BI skills.

Here are some suggested books:





For Data modeling:

You may also want to consider getting certified in business intelligence

I would also suggest you get involved with the SQL community by attending and speaking at your local user groups and SQL Saturdays, and start blogging to get your name out there.

I would also suggest following these blogs and reading them weekly to keep up with the newest information.




Attend the free webinars available at :

If you are a senior BI developer and you have other suggestions please leave a comment to help out those still growing.

Good luck in your studies.

Brad Ball Published a blog on how to ramp up in the DBA world her

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  2. Rodrigo Braga Brison says:

    very useful recommendations.

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