Adventures in Interviewing

I have done over 140 interviews for potential employees at Pragmatic Works. In that time we have only hired a very small percentage of those people. Now a lot of that has to do with lacking skills. I cover that in another post here.

image  This Post is about the ones that had the skills,  but still did not make the cut due to something they said or did in the interview. Basically a list of what not to do in an interview.

1. Pragmatic Works Consulting is a traveling job. It requires 50% travel. Don’t say you are okay with travel, then say you don’t want to travel where there is snow.

2. Don’t ask if you can take your pet with you on the road because they get depressed. Get a pet sitter please.

3. When asked about handling office conflict, don’t say you will “Punch him in the face!”, even if you are joking.

4. If your spouse does not want you to travel, that is something you should mention up front.

5. Do not say you hate airports, but you will deal with the travel.

6. When asked about learning new technologies, don’t say you already learned them all.

7. When not traveling you work from home at Pragmatic Works. When asked about your home office set up, don’t mention the Xbox 360 in your office.

8. Don’t rank yourself a ten on a technology then say you are “Rusty” on it.

9. Don’t say you hate to read.

…and last but not least…

10. Don’t cuss during the interview.

Hope this helps out a few people, and gives a few others a laugh.

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