SQL Saturday Jacksonville FL 2013

This weekend at SQL Saturday JAX I had a great time and got to meet some great people. I had three sessions and the reviews were great. I did an MDX session in the morning. My attendees were trying to learn MDX first thing in the morning on a Saturday, that had to be rough.  But I think they all learned a lot and one of the comments was great, “I learned a lot more than expected for an intro session”.

My second session was on complex DAX expressions. I had more technical problems in this session that any other in my life. The PowerPivot add-in would not stay open in the workbooks. I ended up rebooting my machine to get things working. I felt bad for everyone having to wait for that, luckily I have an SSD and the re boot only took about a minute. Again the reviews were good despite the technical issues.

The last session of the day was Iron Chef. Where I squared off against Brian Knight to compare traditional BI to self service BI. Brian showed some of the cool new tools like Power View and Geo Flow, and I showed the traditional BI using SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS. Of course traditional BI takes a lot longer to develop so I cheated and had a lot of things pre built for the session. 20130427_181933

The after event was at Sneakers and it was a Blast. Karaoke was on and people were playing pool and enjoying some good food.

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4 Responses to SQL Saturday Jacksonville FL 2013

  1. jurriaan says:

    hi Mike, great stuff! Your video is a very nice intro into some more advanced DAX expressions (session 2, I watched it on youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v1RnsE34ao). I was looking for the PowerPivot templates you mentioned in the video but the links are dead, is there another way to look at the demo files used in the video?

  2. Hello Mike, your videos are awesome. Please can I get the workbook files you used for your demo? Thank you.

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